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Welcome to the Building Genius Podcasts!

In this podcast series, we speak to building science experts, share ideas and advancements in the building industry for consideration, touch on some interesting projects where spray foam insulation has been used to help address design issues and other topics of interest to architects and design professionals.  We’ll be looking at topics including moisture management, the benefits of continuous insulation, and much more. All from a practical point of view to help architects, design professionals and builders realize their project’s true potential. You may listen below, or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. We hope you enjoy listening and welcome your feedback! Email building dot genius @


Episode 1: Moisture management in commercial construction – identifying problems and solutions

In our first episode of the Building Genius podcast, you’ll hear about the importance of moisture management in commercial construction. Our guest, John Broniek, discusses some of the issues that can occur, and how to solve them properly for long-term performance. John is senior engineer with Icynene, and has been involved in improving the energy efficiency and durability of buildings throughout North America since 1990.

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Episode 2: The benefits of closed-cell spray foam in continuous insulation applications

In this episode of the Building Genius podcast,  John Broniek senior engineer at ICYNENE, talks about why closed-cell spray foam in a continuous insulation application is often the better, and more cost-effective, option than XPS rigid board or other types of insulation in commercial applications.

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Episode #3: Icynene ProSeal and Icynene ProSeal Eco Closed Cell Spray Foam

Our guest, John Broniek, talks about the characteristics of two popular Icynene spray foam products: Icynene ProSeal, a high-performance closed-cell spray foam insulation, and Icynene ProSeal Eco, a 100% water-blown closed-cell spray foam insulation product.


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