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June 2013

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Using Spray Foam Insulation to help address 'Sick Building Syndrome' (Part 1)

In recent times, the number of ‘sick building syndrome’ affecting buildings and homes has increased. More often than not, we hear from our friends, family and colleagues that the poor indoor air quality within a particular building has had an effect on their health. A lack of concentration, losses in productivity and in graver circumstances the potential of becoming very ill can often be the symptoms people display when in a sick building environment.

Icynene spray foam featured on 'The Environmental Report'

Recently, Icynene spray foam was featured on 'The Environment Report' with host Terry Bradshaw. Terry explains the long-term benefits and the environmental benefits for homeowners who adopt this modern insulation material in their own homes. This video is a great resource for architects and builders looking to help educate their clients about the benefits of investing in a modern insulation material such as Icynene.

Using Spray Foam Insulation to help address 'Sick Building Syndrome' (Part 3)

By controlling air leakage and understanding moisture management, spray foam insulation is an economical and effective way to control ‘sick building syndrome’, improve indoor air quality and minimize the chance of mold growth. As discussed previously moisture can enter a building envelope through a variety of means including air leakage.