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June 2013

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Using Spray Foam Insulation to help address 'Sick Building Syndrome' (Part 3)

By controlling air leakage and understanding moisture management, spray foam insulation is an economical and effective way to control ‘sick building syndrome’, improve indoor air quality and minimize the chance of mold growth. As discussed previously moisture can enter a building envelope through a variety of means including air leakage.

Icynene spray foam insulation on 'Talk Business 360'

Icynene spray foam insulation is an energy efficient insulation ideal for residential and commercial projects. Howard Deck, President of Icynene talks to Talk Business 360 about Icynene spray foam insulation and its immediate and long-term benefits.

Achieving Energy Efficiency in Schools with Spray Foam

As centres for learning and development, schools are often considered as hubs for small communities. Schools have a way of bringing teachers, students, parents and community leaders together which makes them a vital part of everyday living.  Using the best school insulation on the market can have a significant impact on a school’s learning environment.

Using spray foam insulation in school designs

An essential criterion for school districts who are building new schools is energy efficiency. Often limited by ever-shrinking budgets together with an increasing demand by their school community, these clients are faced with having to create a positive and modern learning environment for their students.