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Reasons to Use Light-Density, Open-Cell Spray Foam (Part 3)

Reason Three: Open-Cell spray foam enhances building durability

Air leakage can lead to concealed condensation and moisture damage. Using an effective air barrier such as Icynene light-density, open-cell spray foam can contribute to improved durability and performance of building envelope assemblies.

How spray foam can help aid remediation efforts following extreme weather events

Extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods can cause serious damage to buildings. As a result, these extreme weather events can cause various kinds of damage to buildings including:

Extreme weather: Mitigating roof damage with spray foam

Wind damage during an extreme weather event such as a hurricane can leave significant damage to a building. One particular area susceptible to significant damage is the roof. Water ingress from roof damage is considered one of the most commons insurance claims. One easy solution to address this problem is an unvented roof which is designed around spray foam. This helps protect the roof from damage due to fewer openings, thereby reducing the chance of water penetration.  

Where is all that energy going?

The team at RESNET have come up with a clever and informative way for homeowners to understand how energy is being used in their homes during the upcoming holiday season.