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3 warning signs that your attic needs more insulation [VIDEO]

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Do you know what signs to look for when it comes to wear and tear on your attic? Here are three warning signs letting you know that something may be wrong:

First, look around for how many heat vents your attic has. LF Press reported that there should be maybe 1 vent for every 300 square feet of space.

Next, check for other visual problems. Are there gaps or deformations in the roofing structure or the insulation currently there? Any damage to your home's beams or insulation could mean your home isn’t performing as effectively as it could be.

Last, pay attention to your heating and cooling bills, and even look back a few months to see if they fluctuate. If they do, it could indicate your current insulation isn't holding up against seasonal temperature challenges outside. Your attic is a prime location for these problems to start and escalate.

Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor today about your attic and how spray foam insulation can help make a significant difference. And tune in again for more helpful tips!

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