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Go green and stay cool this summer with Icynene [VIDEO]

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These days, everyone's trying to go green. Now that the summer is here it can be tough to stay cool while trying to minimize your impact on the environment. Many people avoid air conditioning all together to stay environmentally-friendly in the hotter months. However, there may be an easier way.

One of the reasons why air conditioner's cause such a huge boost to your energy bill is because a lot of AC's work harder than they have to. This is because many people have leaks in their home that are letting cool air out and warm air in, so the AC has to be on longer to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

One of the simplest ways you can go green without giving up the comfort of your AC is to install Icynene spray foam insulation in your home. This will block the leaks and help your AC get your home cooler, faster.

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