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Remember to consider climate when designing a new home [Video]

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Investing in a newly constructed home comes with plenty of benefits, but you'll need to do some planning and research to make sure contractors are building the home of your dreams. Weather, for example, will have a big impact on which materials you choose for your home.

Climates prone to weather extremes, for example, require homes to be protected by sturdy, impact resistant materials. For instance, one effective way to protect homes in the southern states is to install rigid, closed cell spray foam insulation. This insulation material not only provides thermal insulating and air sealing but has been identified by FEMA as a flood-resistant material.

You'll need to specify to your builder that you are interested in incorporating spray foam into construction. Sometimes it helps to discuss the specifics with a licensed installer before bringing it to the table. Find out more by visiting the Icynene website at or call 1-800-758-7325.