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Icynene spray foam insulation is not made with formaldehyde

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There is no reason to be worried about exposure to formaldehyde from Icynene spray foam insulation. Formaldehyde is not used as an ingredient in the manufacture of Icynene spray foam insulation.

Formaldehyde became linked to spray foam insulation because a common, early generation type of foam was formed using formaldehyde (i.e. urea-formaldehyde foam) and it contained substantial levels of residual formaldehyde. Icynene products are polyurethane, not urea-formaldehyde, foams and formaldehyde is not used to manufacture this type of foam.

Highly sophisticated and reputable third party laboratories have tested Icynene spray foam insulation, for levels of formaldehyde, numerous times over the years. You can be certain that formaldehyde is not an ingredient in Icynene spray foam insulation and has been thoroughly tested by reputable third-party laboratories.

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