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Creating a positive living environment with Icynene spray foam insulation

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Creating a positive living environment with Icynene spray foam insulation

Investing in the right kinds of building materials is critical to help facilitate a positive living environment. When homeowners seek a significant return on investment that they can count on, they turn to energy efficient solutions such as spray foam insulation. With more awareness spreading across the country regarding the usefulness and expanding range of energy efficient residential building products, people are gearing up to turn even the most undesirable neighborhoods into creative spaces.

Creating new spaces
According to Model Media, this has recently been the goal of Detroit-based Power House Productions. The group is a performance arts and community outreach organization that focuses on experimental art forms and engaging the public in new and innovative ideas. Combining its efforts with established performance company The Hinterlands, Power House is helping to turn a once-shady neighborhood into a positive place for the community to come together.

The source indicated that Power House, the name of the building that's recently been renovated by the arts conglomeration, took over a former drug house location and quickly got to work cleaning and upgrading the space. One of the major upgrades the group made right from the onset of the project was spray foam insulation, reinforcing the older domicile while leaving its original charm in place.

Addressing floor plans
The majority of the building is an open-space, flowing workshop with high ceilings and little framework to split up sections into independent rooms and floors. By taking out interior supports like walls and beams, it was necessary for Power House to instal​l a product that made up for the airiness of the Detroit house-turned-studio. Located in a city known for its blistering-cold winters and high winds, the older home got a boost from spray foam insulation that will help keep out the iciest gales and help reinforce the building's overall integrity.

Icynene spray foam insulation offers these qualities to residents of all 50 states and in any kind of housing situation. Whether it's a private home, a community gathering place or a business location, Icynene can help improve the heating and cooling management of even the most open-concept floor plans. Talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor today to find out how your home can benefit from adding spray foam and removing older materials like fiberglass or organic insulation, as these substances don't offer anywhere near the infrastructure support or cost control of Icynene insulation.

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