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Deter bugs from your basement with Icynene

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Deter bugs from your basement with Icynene

There are hundreds of thousands of different kinds of bugs on the planet, many more than there are people in total count. However, that doesn't mean you need to share living space with them. Whether it's ants or termites, beetles or bedbugs, there are plenty of pests that can invade a space, especially those areas closest to the ground. That's what makes basements such a prime location for insect invasions.

A bug's life
Pest World offers a wide variety of different insights into the kinds of bugs that might be crawling around your house. Some of these are fairly common problems that many homeowners could encounter, including dust mites and carpenter ants. Even species like fruit flies and house spiders fall into this category of bugs you'd likely expect to see in some areas of your home.

While you're certainly likely to be annoyed or worried about these kinds of pests, there are more dangerous species that you may or may not see as well. Termites are an insidious insect that tear into the support beams, rafters and floors of your home, a particularly problematic situation when dealing with basement invaders. Some parts of the country are also prone to visitations from creatures including scorpions, tick and millipedes, all species that are none to pose direct harm to humans. Stinging bugs like bees and hornets may also make their homes in dryer vents and the warm spaces around the foundation that often leak heat and moisture, making these ideal areas for nests.

Pest control
One of the first solutions to consider to tackle these problems is to contact an Icynene certified contractor to get a full assessment of your structure. Locating leaks, remedying pest problems and generating a healthier home environment are easy with the right spray foam application, as this material deters bugs from wanting to nest in your basement since the product is not considered a food source.

Icynene spray foam goes on as a liquid, expanding to fill every part of the wall in your basement or crawl space. This substance creates a solid seal that doesn't permit hot or cold air, moisture or other elements inside a home to mix with those on the outside. The end result is a house that's much easier and affordable to heat and cool, as well as one that's a deterrent to insects.

Older kinds of insulation like fiberglass and vermiculite are common in older homes, some even as recent as those erected in the 1980s or 90s. Some buildings even still use dated products like cotton, wool or paper. Not only do these substances fail to establish a reasonable barrier in a basement, they are also primary nesting and food sources for many kinds of bugs. Instead of protecting your house and loved ones, keeping outdated insulation in your house may actually be putting them at greater risk.

Considering that people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, it's easy to see how the presence of insects could have an impact on a person's health. When biting, stinging and burrowing bugs are present, they deteriorate the quality of a house and introduce negative air quality effects. They can generate breathing and allergy responses in children that may last their entire lives. What's more, serious medical conditions could arise from being exposed to the wrong kinds of insects, as well as allowing these pests to potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage to personal property and possessions. Talking to a certified Icynene application specialist can help you eliminate these risks to you and your family, making them safe and your home more comfortable for years to come.

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