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Eliminating pests in your home

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Eliminating pests in your home

The beautiful older home you purchased would be absolutely perfect…if only there didn’t seem to be so many problems with pests! Ants in the summer, mice in the winter, and spraying poison or setting traps only temporarily fixes things. What can you do?

You can start by replacing your existing home insulation with spray foam insulation like Icynene.

Icynene spray foam insulation can be a great solution for reducing the attraction of common pests wanting to infiltrate your home. Insulating with spray foam, creates an air-tight barrier in the home’s structure. This type of insulation ensures unwanted pests are not attracted to wanting to enter the house through tiny gaps or porous building materials. This is because Icynene spray foam is not a food source for any pests, which means they won’t be eating their way into your home.

In addition to not attracting these common household pests, insulating your home with Icynene spray foam will help reduce common airborne irritants such as pollen, dust and mold. Creating an air-tight seal in your home can help to make your home more comfortable for everyone in your family.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more.

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