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Energy audits show how to save money with Icynene

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Energy audits show how to save money with Icynene

Properly insulating a structure can make a significant difference in how much it costs to heat and cool that building. It can also have an impact on noise control, air quality and moisture management. Such features as insulation can even have an impact on how well the building withstands the tests of time, issues that spray foam insulation from Icynene can help negate.

Conducting an audit
Not all buildings are constructed using Icynene spray foam, meaning they most likely don't have the best heating or cooling retention and probably are allowing all sorts of allergens and other outside elements into a structure. This can be costly for utilities and health purposes. Conducting an energy audit can help businesses and homeowners determine if they have the best solutions in place to help them save money and keep their properties functioning in an optimal fashion.

As ABC News wrote, having a firm come in and conduct an energy audit can help owners see where they're losing money. This process involves taking thermal images and tracking airflow in a structure, inspecting roofing and insulation materials and checking to see if basements or crawlspaces are acting as heat traps. Conducting an energy audit doesn't take long, with a certified technician taking careful stock of all the various places where heat is most likely to be lost, and then inspecting further for moisture, air quality and other signs of poor building construction or other elements that may be lacking within a building.

Benefits of Icynene
Icynene spray foam products help cut heating and cooling costs by up to 50 percent^. This means that private homes and commercial spaces could be far more cost effective and affordable for owners, as well as more comfortable for people who live, work or visit there. Such savings and improvement in overall enjoyment of a space make Icynene an ideal investment for businesses and consumers of all kinds. What's more, buying into this line of insulation products ensures ongoing savings for years to come, making it a sound way of getting a structure to pay for itself.

What's more, Icynene products help seal out unwanted particles from the outside air and minimize sound pollution from noisy neighbors, passing traffic or other elements that might make a building louder than it needs to be. By creating a thorough seal with Icynene, insulation problems associated with these issues are greatly reduced or removed. Improving the intimacy of a private home or enhancing air quality in a public office building are all features that Icynene spray foam can deliver on.

Improving public utilities
The Middletown Journal wrote that the town of Middletown, Ohio, recently underwent an energy audit of its own. The source stated that the local government spends more than $1.4 million on heating, cooling and maintenance of its public buildings. The audit revealed that the town could save over $200,000 by making improvements to a number of its offices, including adding spray foam insulation. A city spokesman stated that, while the town doesn't have money on-hand to fund the upgrades outlined in the audit, the return on investment could be significant enough to warrant investigating grants or pursuing additional lending options in order to make the changes.

As the source stated, making changes to current infrastructure could help the town save thousands of dollars each year, with these returns compounding annually. As more efficient operations are supported, the city may notice additional benefits from better structures and improved working conditions. Private entities can enjoy similar bonuses, such as reduced absenteeism and overall better health for residents, employees and consumers. No matter the kind of structure, there are marked benefits to applying Icynene spray foam to buildings of all types.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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