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Entertainment center gets new life from spray foam application

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Entertainment center gets new life from spray foam application

When it comes to maintaining climate control in a business, owners know that providing a comfortable experience to patrons is essential to maintaining customer relationships and promoting good word of mouth. If people are too hot or cold while shopping, sense that the air quality is poor or notice water damage around the premises, it's likely they won't make that location their go-to spot in the future. In order to cater to consumer affinities and promote better operations, companies are looking at spray foam products by Icynene to help them meet these goals.

For sports venues and popular entertainment centers, this may seem like a tall task to fulfill. Most of these spaces are very large and may be difficult to heat or cool. They also have more surface area to cover, making them hard to maintain due to the sheer number of surfaces businesses need to protect. Fortunately with Icynene, problems like these are no longer an issue with Icynene spray foam insulation.

Adding more entertainment value
Applying Icynene spray foam allows companies to quickly and thoroughly put up a protective barrier inside their buildings that improves comfort within and saves money throughout the year. Trained and certified Icynene technicians can complete an application swiftly , making it an easy addition to a current facility or something simple to incorporate into a new project. Due to the foam's flexibility of application, no space in an existing building is too tight and no unique build too complex for spray foam to fill any gaps.

Sporting and entertainment centers will appreciate the air quality control delivered by Icynene spray foam. This product helps keep out allergens and serves as a good sound buffer, keeping the crowd noise in and outside traffic sounds where they belong. The same goes for moisture and precipitation where Icynene is involved - sealing every crack and crevice ensures no water can leach in, damaging floors, walls and roofs.

Best of all, Icynene spray foam insulation helps reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 50 percent^. Some arenas need this option more than others, since they're used for flexible purposes and therefore may need to be kept very cool or warmed up considerably from one day to the next.

Putting foam products to work
One Canadian entertainment venue is thankful for its recent acquisition of spray foam insulation for all of these reasons. According to Spray Foam Online, the Alberta-based arena recently replaced all its old fiberglass insulation with strong, efficient spray foam. The facility is used for everything from ice skating to rodeos, making it essential that the building be capable of handling changing temperatures at an affordable price. With Icynene spray foam, utilities bills at commercial locations will quickly see evidence of these benefits.

The arena had considerable moisture and leaking problems, making it essential to get thorough insulation coverage on the high ceilings, the news source reported. With spray foam insulation, such a job is no problem, and will help the arena avoid the same issue in the future. Installing spray foam insulation is much cheaper, faster and more effective than if the center had added a drop ceiling to accommodate new fiberglass insulation. Such a solution helped save the facility time and money, letting it open for business and provide a better experience to patrons within only a few days of starting the installation process.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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