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Florida contractor successfully renovates home with Icynene spray foam insulation

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Florida contractor successfully renovates home with Icynene spray foam insulation

Renovation projects allow homeowners to transform their properties, and Icynene spray foam insulation is a valuable option to improve the quality of a building. This solution is proven to perform in all climates and delivers long-term benefits. 

In Longboat Key, Florida, a property owner used Icynene spray foam insulation as one of several products to renovate a house. According to the Naples Daily News, licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractors applied the material onto the underside of the 6,500-square-foot building's roof trusses

"This was a major renovation project," the president of the contracting firm that completed the project told the news source. "The owner bought the 10-year-old home knowing that substantial updates and changes would need to be made before move-in."

The benefits of Icynene spray foam insulation for Florida homeowners
Many Florida homeowners love living in the Sunshine State because of its warm, tropical weather. These building owners can maximize the value of their heating and cooling systems if they hire licensed Icynene professionals to install the solution throughout their properties. 

With Icynene spray foam insulation, property specialists can spray the material onto ceilings, floors, walls and tough-to-reach areas to effectively seal a building's envelope. In fact, a single application helps ensure that homeowners can run their air conditioners year-round without having to worry about air leakage that might otherwise cause their heating and cooling expenses to significantly rise. 

Depending on the size of a property, an Icynene spray foam insulation application can be completed in just a few days. Certified and trained Icynene specialists will dedicate the necessary time and resources to a project to ensure that building owners' needs are met. 

After an installation, homeowners can noticeably reduce their monthly heating and cooling expenses. Icynene spray foam insulation effectively seals a building's envelope and provides a world-class option that property owners can use during the renovation of a current home or the construction of a new building. 

Gain control over your monthly heating and cooling bills by contacting licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractors today. These professionals have performed installations around the world and are happy to answer your concerns and questions about the material. With Icynene, dangers of energy waste and respiratory issues are reduced, as this spray foam insulation allows you to feel a difference every day - in your home and in your pocketbook.

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