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Focus on key areas with Icynene insulation to promote improved living

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Focus on key areas with Icynene insulation to promote improved living

There are some places in a house that are more susceptible to contributing to health issues and allergy concerns than others. These spaces can include places that are near the water line, next to trees, prone to weather damage or present places for animals to burrow. By honing in on these areas and recognizing the threat, homeowners can increase protection with the help of Icynene spray foam insulation before it escalates.

There are a few key zones throughout a house that homeowners need to be aware of when trying to work out the best options for Icynene spray foam insulation upgrades. Here's a quick run-down of areas to consider. Be sure to talk to a certified Icynene insulation contractor for information on how best to resolve home infrastructure problems and get spray foam installed.

The uppermost level of a house is one of the easiest places in a building to ignore, as Digital Journal stated. What's out of sight is often out of mind, that is until moisture, animals and environmental issues cause insulation to falter, if it's there at all. The attic can often play host to a variety of allergen issues, which in turn could cause long-term health problems for homeowners and their children. It's important to block these elements from getting a foothold in a house, as that can make them even harder to eliminate than when taking proactive measures.

Crawl spaces
A crawl space may get more action than an attic, but it still is often difficult to access and may only be used for storage. Whether they're located under a home, in the walls of a house or just beneath the attic, it's important to check and see if they're lined with spray foam insulation from Icynene. As a recent study from Clean Crawls in Seattle, Washington stated, cleaning out these areas can have a major positive impact on the amount of allergens found throughout a building.

Just like the attic, this part of the house may not get much attention and can often go without any kind of insulation. With Icynene, risks like water and flood damage can be significantly reduced, a matter that's particularly important in areas prone to heavy precipitation in some parts of the year or with normally high water tables. Adding rigid, closed cell spray foam insulation will help block out water, reduce mold accumulation and help turn any basement into a comfortable living environment.

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