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Green Builder Media names Icynene Classic Max a Hot 50 product for 2013

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Green Builder Media names Icynene Classic Max a Hot 50 product for 2013

Annually, Green Builder Media evaluates a vast array of advanced products that meet a range of eco-criteria including sustainability, eco-friendliness and durability, and Icynene Classic Max™ recently earned praise from the publication. This spray foam insulation was recognized because it has a tremendous impact on sustainable construction projects around the continent. 

"There has been a tremendous amount of interest regarding Icynene Classic Max across the United States amongst architects, builders [and] industry media thanks to its one-and-done application properties," Icynene VP of Marketing Betsy Cosper said. "Having Icynene Classic Max recognized by Green Builder Media is testimony to our ability to listen to what the industry is demanding and our ability to develop high-quality, innovative products that meet this demand."

Icynene Classic Max was named a Hot 50 product for 2013 by Green Builder Media, as the solution delivers numerous benefits to commercial and residential property owners. 

Why is Icynene Classic Max a top choice for property owners?
In November 2012, Icynene Classic Max was released, and the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) recognized the product for use without an ignition barrier in residential projects. ICC-ES recognition (ESR 1826) confirms that Icynene Classic Max can be applied throughout the home without an ignition barrier. The solution provides superior spray adhesion and performance and acts as a drip-free application that delivers advanced air pocket control.

Builders and developers can significantly benefit from Icynene Classic Max because the material offers up to 50 percent greater yield than competitive sucrose-based formulas and superior adhesion.  Icynene Classic Max works well in tough-to-reach areas and can seal multiple areas of the building's envelope. 

With Icynene Classic Max, building owners can enjoy maintenance-free spray foam insulation. Licensed Icynene spray foam insulation professionals can apply the product into cracks and holes to seal these air gaps, and the product will perform for a lifetime. 

Certified and trained Icynene building specialists can teach property owners about the benefits of Icynene Classic Max and other spray foam insulation products. The solutions can be applied in properties year-round and help business operators and homeowners noticeably reduce their heating and cooling bills. In fact, people can effectively control their indoor air temperatures after Icynene spray foam insulation applications. By air-sealing your home with Icynene, mold problems, moisture problems and other building damage can be reduced or mitigated.

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