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Hotel gets green certification thanks to Icynene

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Hotel gets green certification thanks to Icynene

Hospitality means making guests feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. In order to deliver that level of hominess and ease, hotels are especially in need of products like Icynene that allow them to create more habitable spaces for people to stay. Spray foam insulation also helps organizations save money and still offer guests a nice visit without charging them extra to cover heating and cooling expenses.

Designing for business and pleasure
Hotels with hundreds of rooms or just a few dozen should always be constructed using Icynene insulation. These building materials help these buildings keep in cool or hot air, depending on the time of year and the guests' desires, making it easy for hoteliers to regulate HVAC conditions. What's more, with so many visitors regularly straining heating and cooling systems, businesses need to be confident in their climate control units and know that these devices won't break down when they're most needed. Icynene helps guests get a more comfortable stay without demanding too much of HVAC tools, allowing companies to save money on utilities and pass those savings on to guests in the form of room rates.

This cost savings can be amplified in many ways by creating an eco-friendly structure as well. Icynene is a perfect option for hotels that want to get special LEED certification and get special tax benefits, publicity and other bonuses that green architecture has to offer. By creating buildings with sustainable infrastructure, these firms stand to return their investments on spray foam insulation many times over as the environmental benefits and cost savings continue to roll in throughout the lifespan of the hotel.

Putting Icynene to work
One company in Westbury, New York, recently took advantage of the LEED certification and monetary bonuses offered by Icynene. The Viana Hotel and Spa announced it had  renovated its luxury hotel and spa in order to gain the federal accolade and improve its overall operations.

The process turned the entire facility into the only eco-friendly feng shui hotel on Long Island, giving it special publicity and notoriety for its dedication to the environment and energy efficiency. New solar panels, recycled energy resources and incorporating used materials into the building process helped make the new hotel compliant with LEED standards and gained the establishment better money saving opportunities. What's more, the entire roof of the structure was reinforced and insulated with Icynene spray foam. That means during the cold winter months or the hottest days of summer, the Viana Hotel and Spa will be able to offer its clientele a relaxing and comfortable stay without taxing the environment or facility expense accounts.

Breathing easy
On top of that, Icynene will help guests enjoy a better breathing experience. With plenty of smog from New York City and humid, salty air rolling off the ocean, it was important to the overall layout and design of the Viana that air quality be a central concern. Icynene helps filter out these particles as it keeps in HVAC heating and cooling. This makes for a much more pleasant stay for all guests, regardless of the outdoor air quality.

"The unsung hero at the Viana Hotel and Spa unquestionably has to be the indoor environmental quality," said Jimmy Carchietta of The Cotocon Group, part of the LEED consultants used to construct the new hotel. "Although this is not as visible as LED lighting, the owner and design team have gone above and beyond the basic indoor code requirements to ensure that the indoor air quality is better inside the Viana, than the air we breathe outdoors."

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