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How to cut noise pollution with Icynene insulation

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How to cut noise pollution with Icynene insulation

Regardless of where you may live, noise pollution and air problems can hinder truly enjoying your home. Using soft, open-cell Icynene spray foam insulation can help block out these issues, creating a seal around a home that ensures none of these unwanted elements can pass through into a house and ruin the comfort of an otherwise-wonderful lifestyle.

According to Dutch News Online, some homeowners in the Netherlands are currently seeing their home improvement costs comp'd by local government organizations that are related to the problem. The source detailed that older wind turbines in some regions add more noise pollution to neighborhoods than can be withstood by residents, causing problems with home values and making it difficult for people to enjoy their lives.

Commercial concerns
The solution, according to Dutch News, is that Netherlands junior state secretary Wilma Mansveld is offering residents a portion of nearly $9 million to improve the insulation and noise protection around their homes. The turbines provide the region with much of its power, so taking them out isn't an option. What's more, while these housing upgrades help residents improve the quality and value of their homes, it's also a more affordable option to enhance the 400 or so houses impacted rather than buy all-new wind turbines.

Americans encounter these kinds of problems as well - situations where it's more cost effective for towns, airports and other noisy government or business neighbors to pay to soundproof homes with new insulation than move their entire operations. In these situations, soft, open-cell Icynene spray foam insulation provides just the right kind of sound barrier properties that cuts outside sound from highways and airplanes while also keeping in conditioned air and blocking out moisture.

Noisy neighbors
As The Wall Street Journal reported, many people target the wrong kinds of noise pollution upgrades and wind up spending a lot more and getting a lot less in return. The source reported that it's not just outdoor and nearby infrastructure that can make life difficult. Sometimes it's the neighbors upstairs, next door or below a floor.

Especially in co-op apartments like those in Manhattan, Boston and other major cities, the sounds of children, parties and loud fights can deter from the overall value and enjoyment of a space. However, investing just in soundproofing installation only helps cut the noise. It doesn't offer any other benefits.

With Icynene spray foam insulation, residents who want to block out noise, boost HVAC value and increase green efforts can see a superior return on investment for adding this product. Talk to a certified Icynene contractor today about how your home can gain as much back by putting in new insulation that blocks noise and improves many other factors of home ownership.

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