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Icynene and building projects taking off

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Icynene and building projects taking off

Businesses need to have the proper products in place to keep their employees and customers comfortable during their time in these structures. Otherwise, firms could lose their clientele to other companies that provide more satisfying shopping experiences. These elements can also detract from the overall satisfaction, engagement and productivity of workforce. Therefore, investing in superior insulation products is a major initiative of many corporations, a circumstance that is helping the business insulation market grow.

Managing business climate
As a report from Markets and Markets showed, the industrial and manufacturing realms, as well as retail spaces and professional offices, are among the entities looking to increase their insulation options and promote more efficient spaces. The report indicated that the global value of products and services relating to these establishments will reach almost $24 billion by 2016, making the net worth of assets in this sector almost $10 billion in just three years.

The reasoning behind this movement, according to the source, is that more efficient insulation products help firms reduce their energy consumption for HVAC equipment by up to 75 percent. Such a major reduction in utilities bills is a boon for firms of all sizes, especially those that want to focus their attention on expanding other areas of operation besides physical infrastructure.

The CAGR for this industry is forecast to fall at just over 5 percent, the reported stated. Leading elements in the marketplace are shifting away from traditional products like wool and fiberglass, instead honing in on the value offered by spray foam insulation.

Putting insulation to work
Icynene spray foam offers up to 50 percent^ reduction in heating and cooling bills, plus it makes it easy to regulate internal temperatures, keeping staff and shoppers alike at their most comfortable. Such conditions make for happier in-house experiences, encouraging retention and more positive business outcomes. These conditions are easy to maintain thanks to Icynene's total seal, preventing heating or cooling factors from leaking to the outside world or allowing unwanted external physical conditions to leech into the business space.

By regulating internal conditions, companies can save a considerable amount of money on efficient HVAC maintenance and ensure that all those within the corporate confines are satisfied with interior conditions. This also makes it easy for firms to establish more money-saving initiatives and get their operations running in a more financially fit way.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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