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Icynene gets approval for more commercial uses

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Icynene gets approval for more commercial uses

Organizations of all kinds are always concerned with how to put their corporate assets to use in order to maximize the return on their investments. One of the biggest concerns of businesses is often keeping their facility costs down so that they can focus their financial interests in other areas, but building factors should instead take a front row seat in corporate monetary decisions. The fact is, if firms are failing to install the best insulation and HVAC solutions, they could be spending thousands of dollars more each year on heating and cooling than they need to. What's more, they could be missing out on offering their customers a better in-store experience.

Icynene spray foam insulation helps companies manage these concerns, providing an air seal within the walls and ceilings of a business in order to keep heating and cooling in and bad air out. This product allows organizations to purchase more appropriately sized HVAC systems and increase their longevity because firms won't have to run their heaters or air conditioning units as hard or as often. These elements will make shopping and working experiences substantially better, as employees feel comfortable all day long and customers enjoy their time at an establishment that much more.

More green availability
Thanks to recent testing, Icynene recently announced its offerings have been made available to a broader market. The company's newest product allows for more applications in buildings looking for more sustainable building products and options that promote renewed resources. For companies seeking more LEED certification and green-friendly applications, this is a welcome opportunity to get more return on investment for improving insulation options throughout their operations.

"Together with the ICC-ES, Icynene conducted a series of analyses, including NFPA 285,259,286 and ASTM E119, for suitability in commercial projects opening up the range of possibilities for commercial architects and builders looking to create greener and more sustainable structures," said Icynene's engineering vice president, Paul Duffy. "This castor oil-based open-cell spray foam is now comparable with our Icynene Classic product."

Getting more for the money
Working with certified Icynene installers and contractors, companies can enjoy the full variety of benefits that spray foam insulation and LEED certification can offer. These elements include better energy usage and increased indoor comfort, making it easy for employees to enjoy their office spaces and consumers to have a better overall shopping experience in different business settings.

By applying Icynene, companies enjoy better heating and cooling efficiency all year long. Whether it's very hot or freezing cold outside, organizations won't have to run their HVAC systems as often as they currently do in order to get the right indoor temperature. What's more, once this level is attained, heating and cooling elements will remain constant for longer within the building. This way, firms won't run their air conditioners or heaters nearly as long and can extend the life of these devices.

The new Icynene LD-R-50 offers a whole new range of building possibilities for organizations across the country. This product is ideal for attics and roofs, areas known for causing 10 to 15 percent of all air leakage and HVAC problems in a structure. What's more, this product is made primarily with castor oil and is therefore considered a renewable, eco-friendly solution for creating structural insulation. Icynene LD-R-50 has already been approved by a number of government agencies and programs as a leading sustainable product, so incorporating this spray foam insulation into corporate offices and retail establishments will help these structures gain LEED certification more easily.

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