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Icynene gives luxury homes more options

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Icynene gives luxury homes more options

Builders know that there are some clients who want a certain flair and style to their homes. These structures have dramatic roofs, interesting windows, intense architectural details and a unique look and feel that no two houses may share. Creating these kinds of custom homes can help construction firms make names for themselves and bring in top clientele, but businesses should also be mindful of the challenges these structures pose. Specifically, people paying top dollar for vogue housing don't want to keep paying through the nose to own and maintain these buildings. Companies need to use resources that make these houses more cutting edge than just in the way that they look.

Using Energy Star certified products like windows and doors can make an impact in the overall efficiency and feel of a house, but builders need to add more than just these items alone. Icynene spray foam insulation is the missing piece of the picture in this case. This product goes on easy in any home environment and helps save homeowners thousands of dollars per year. These attributes are part of what makes Icynene a popular addition to custom homes already.

Putting Icynene to work
A press release from O'Dwyer Homes in Johns Creek, Georgia, highlighted the usefulness and popularity of spray foam. The release stated that O'Dwyer recently announced it would construct six European-style homes in the exclusive St. Amour community. These houses will all be priced over $500,000 each, a reflection of the posh neighborhood and high quality of the area. With premier schools and right by major metro areas, these houses will attract a lot of attention, both in terms of interested buyers and for those lucky enough to live in one of these houses.

The homes will set a statement for their owners, who in turn will be able to enjoy the comfort and savings of these structures all year round thanks to Icynene spray foam. The O'Dwyer Group is using Icynene in all the attics and roof construction of these six new properties, drawing attention to the amount of money this simple application will bring buyers. What's more, the outside veneer and overall impression of the houses won't hint at the energy savings within. The flexibility of Icynene allows the builders to design the structures like old-world European houses without adding the bulk and boxiness that traditional insulation products would demand. This means not only will these houses be more stylish, they'll also create a more comfortable, affordable home life for residents.

Factoring the benefits
With Icynene, insulation problems are no longer of any concern. This product locks out moisture and keeps in heat, making HVAC resources far more effective. Homes with Icynene installed can expect to see their monthly heating and cooling bills cut by as much as 50 percent^. What's more, the long term investment in these kinds of insulation products help owners save over the lifetime of a house, a duration that's extended considerably compared to fiberglass-lined houses thanks to Icynene's ability to lock out moisture and bad air.

Though spray foam insulation may cost more to install at the onset, the overall improvements in quality of life and enjoyment in a custom home outweigh this initial expenditure. Within a few years, homeowners will likely see the difference in installation price returned to them in the form of lower energy bills and better HVAC management. Buying a home is a long term investment in and of itself, so adding top-of-the-line products that increase that structure's usability and function is a critical element when considering the kind of building materials to incorporate.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

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