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Icynene pioneers 100% water based closed-cell spray foam

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Icynene pioneers 100% water based closed-cell spray foam

There are plenty of ways that you can add insulation to your home, but not all of them are safe or efficient. Getting the right amount of support in terms of managing heating and cooling costs requires that your home have the right resources installed, and that often means renovating or adding more insulation to what already exists in your home. Considering the wide array of spaces and the huge area you'll have to cover when installing new products, though, it can seem like a daunting task.

Fortunately, Icynene spray foam insulation goes on quickly and easily, conforming to any space and every inch of existing architecture throughout your house. This makes it a fast and simple application process once old insulation is removed. Such a rapid process also reduces the total cost to you and makes it easy to experience return on spray foam investments more quickly. By combining the best of savings and effectiveness, it's easy for homes to see benefits to their structural integrity, air purity and overall heating and cooling efficiency once Icynene spray foam is in place.

Increased usage options
For those interested in green solutions and energy efficiency, there are green spray foam solutions available on the market. Not only does this substance go on quickly in liquid form, blocking moisture from entering and reducing the amount of outdoor airborne agents that can get in a house, there is also a new alternative that is 100% water-blown. Icynene, the leader in innovative assets for your home, recently released a new product that's even more environmentally friendly and provides more reassurance that this solution is safe for any house.

The firm's newest product, ProSeal Eco, features 100 percent water-blown application options that still deliver on medium-density spray foam efficiency. The substance goes on without the use of ozone-depleting chemical blowing agents, reducing the potential impact on natural elements and increasing its usefulness for builders who may be concerned about adding products to closed-air environments. Eliminating the presence of ozone-depleting chemicals while spraying helps homeowners increase their reliance in Icynene and allows people to do more to actively save the planet.

"The architectural and construction communities have been demanding a product like this," said Icynene CEO Howard Deck. "As the pioneers of modern spray foam insulation, Icynene is evolving the insulation industry unlike anyone else."

Working towards a greener planet
In cases where you want an alternative that's more environmentally friendly, Icynene is making sure that your home can be easily protected using insulation products that are less damaging to the ecosystem of the planet and that of your household.

Talk to a certified Icynene contractor about the different kinds of insulation available in your region that help improve heating and cooling bills while boosting home air quality. Spray foam insulation gives you peace of mind and better housing options all at the same time. Whether it's putting more layers on the roof, replacing old fiberglass in the walls or sealing basements of leaks and drafts, Icynene has a perfect solution that fits your home and personal needs.

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