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Investing in an Energy Efficient Upgrade For Your Home

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Investing in an Energy Efficient Upgrade For Your Home

There are plenty of homes out there that look fantastic at first glance, but turn out to cost more than you expected over time, due to, among other things, poor energy efficiency. This can, in part, be due to poorly performing insulation. If you find that you have a home that fits this criteria, one of the best investments you could make for your home is to replace your existing insulation with high performance spray foam insulation like Icynene.

You may be wondering, “But why is spray foam insulation considered so good for energy efficiency?” There are many reasons. One of the most important reasons is because Icynene expands when applied, filling any gaps present, no matter how small, to create a foam that both insulates and air seals in one step. The air seal can help reduce air leakage in your home, which would otherwise lead to hot or cold spots, drafts, and a heavier workload for your HVAC system.

In addition to potentially reducing the load on your heating and cooling systems, using Icynene to insulate your home can help you to “right size” your HVAC equipment, thanks to that reduced workload.

Find a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area to help you understand where to use spray foam insulation like Icynene in your home, to create your optimal, comfortable and energy efficient home.

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