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Maximizing Your Space – Adding A Room Above Your Garage

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Maximizing Your Space – Adding A Room Above Your Garage

Whether you have a larger-than-life teen, or a parent about to move in for some extra care, space in your home is likely at a premium right now. It may seem like there’s nowhere else to go right now, but if there isn’t already a room above your garage, there could be! Depending on how large a garage you have, you may actually have enough space to build a comfortable living space above it. 

The question of how best to insulate the space above a garage is an important one, since, unlike other upper level rooms, the space beneath an above-garage room is typically unheated and under-insulated. It’s necessary to understand how to stop drafts, so that whoever will be using the room as a living space is comfortable. Spray foam insulation like Icynene is ideal for this scenario, because of its ability to create an air seal wherever it is applied. That, in combination with its consistent R-value, can help make the room above a garage unaffected by the chilly space beneath it.

If you’re unsure where to use spray foam insulation to help create the most comfortable living space possible above a garage, it’s best to find a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area. They’ll be able to explain what would work best for your home, and help you discover more reasons to choose Icynene.

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