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Reduce the risk of ice dam dangers by improving insulation

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Reduce the risk of ice dam dangers by improving insulation

Smart homeowners living in cooler climates are well aware of the safety hazards and costs associated with icy buildup such as icicles. Ice dams appear when snow on the roof begins to melt, turned to water by heat escaping from the attic. This melted water tends to reform as ice and icicles, this time under the shingles or within gutters, which can create all sorts of potential problems for homeowners.

Homeowners would be remiss to take ice dams for granted, as they account for nearly half of new insurance claims following harsh winter weather. These repairs can cost homeowners upwards of $6,000, so there's plenty of incentive to keep ice formation in check besides the safety factor. Read on to learn why preparing to fend off ice dam formation is smart move for the end of autumn.

Ice dam buildup creates multiple household risks
Ice dams on the roof pose the greatest risk to the home itself. Once ice begins to form beneath the home's roofing materials, it's only a matter of time before rot and condesnation can potentially begin to take up residence beneath the shingles. Likewise, it won't take long for the weight of icy buildup to strip gutters off their supports, resulting in more damage to roofing materials.

Ice formation on gutters is a huge risk for people and pets as well. Large icicles can cause serious injury if they fall on top of a family member, friend or neighbor. Likewise, a collapsing gutter could easily injure anyone unlucky enough to be caught beneath.

Insulation keeps heat flowing in the right direction
The best way to minimize ice dam dangers is to reduce the risk of formation from occurring in the first place. That means properly insulating the attic and preventing excess heat from escaping out of the roof. One of the best ways to ensure that ice dams formation is minimized is to choose spray foam insulation for the attic. Spray foam insulation forms a seal to minimize heat loss and/or gain and has the R-Value needed to keep heat in the home where it belongs.

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