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Using Icynene spray foam insulation to influence green construction

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Putting the best building solutions into a housing environment should benefit both residents and construction firms.. That way, both groups are more willing to invest in environmentally friendly housing. With the addition of Icynene spray foam insulation, such a market transformation is much easier to envision.

"For every dollar less a home buyer spends on utility bills, they can afford to spend one dollar more on mortgage," said Cliff Majersik of the Institute for Market Transformation.

Majersik spoke with Builder Online regarding the need for better heating and cooling options as an ignition point for encouraging more people on both sides of the housing market to invest in smarter, more efficient homes. The biggest thing in the way of that shift in construction momentum, however, remains getting paid.

While construction crews and architects may want to use green assets, they need to be sure the buildings they erect will sell. Homeowners themselves are also reluctant to buy such homes, as they cost more up front and are harder to mortgage.

Using Icynene spray foam insulation is an affordable, effective way to eliminate this housing log jam. This insulation product goes on as a liquid, expands within seconds to fill every available space while creating no or minimal waste. It's environmentally friendly and provides enhanced heating and cooling management. Talk to a certified Icynene contractor today about how spray foam can help new housing expand, both from a resident and construction point of view.

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