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For more than 30 years, Icynene has been committed to installing quality spray foam insulation into homes like yours. More than 425,000 homes have experienced the difference that Icynene can bring when quality spray foam insulation is installed.

These days, the name Icynene is synonymous with ‘spray foam insulation,’ and although spray foam problems are rare, it’s important to ensure that you protect yourself by choosing a licensed Icynene contractor.

In addition to the comprehensive knowledge and skill that Icynene offers through its licensed contractor network, the warranty that comes with installation lasts for the lifetime of the building. The warranty can be transferred to the next owner, should you decide to sell your home.

Backed by Innovation

Icynene has built a solid reputation among builders and building professionals for continually delivering quality spray foam insulation products that are effective and meet current building codes.

We are proud of the consistent innovation and development that our products undergo, and we look forward to advancing the quality and possibilities of insulation in the future.

Icynene is the evolution of insulation.