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The attic of my cabana-style building would typically be about 150 degrees in the summer.  After re-insulating the underside of the roof deck with Icynene®, the attic is no more than 1-5 degrees different than the inside of the building

Bob Miller
Sarasota, Florida

In that cold winder of 2001, the peak gas bill to heat this 4,200 square foot home was $85.78.

Dave Helland
Saylorville, Iowa

My wife Sandy and I live in rural Hubbard, Iowa. We live in a 32’ by 42’ Morton-style building that is attached to a larger machine shed. The 1,350 ft2 home has 10’ walls and a 14’ cathedral ceiling.

During the epic blizzard of 2007, we lost power in our home for 4 full days. It took until the end of the fourth day (when the power came back on) for the temperature to drop to 52 degrees. We used a 1 lb propane tank (similar to what you would use while camping) to run a very small heater each night, and that actually warmed up the whole house 2 degrees!

Jack Miller
Hubbard, IA

I had a room insulated with Icynene last month in December 07. Just wanted to let you know that today was the coldest day of the year but the room is nice and toasty!

I am very happy with your product. Thanks again. I am singing the praises of Icynene to anyone that will listen. I plan on doing the other room within the next few months and will definitely be fiving you a call. Thank you again.

Javier Avalos
Chicago, IL

With Icynene® in our townhouse, our energy bills are 35% less than our neighbors who used fiber glass. Icynene has really made the difference.

Murray Clarke
Toronto, Canada

We are living in an area where the design temperature is –20F and with Icynene®, our gas bills are only $60 per month.  Our house was so well sealed that when the 5 Star Plus rating technician arrived, he was surprised that our house had such a low rate of leakage.

Ron Bateman
Anchorage, Alaska

I want to thank you and your crew for the wonderful job that they did on insulating my addition. My wife tells me that they acted professionally when they were there and I can attest to how well they kept the job site clean both during and after.

Ronald Barkey

We are very happy and pleased... We have a 4,000 square foot home on the lake in Emmetsburg that had a total bill of $610 for heating and colling for the first two years. Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative is monitoring our progress and savings. 

Steve Heldt