Why Use Spray Foam Insulation vs XPS Rigid Foam Board


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Closed-Cell Spray Foam vs XPS Rigid Board

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Spray foam insulation in Continuous Insulation Applications

Closed-cell spray foam insulation such as Icynene ProSeal or Icynene MD-C-200 applied in a continuous insulation wall system provides a high-performance all-in-one insulation, air barrier and water-resistive barrier solution. Spray foam insulation in continuous insulation applications offers a range of advantages over traditional rigid XPS foam board material. Advantages include:  

  • a tight and complete seal over minimal required wall penetrations (brick ties)
  • lower installed cost for a superior air barrier assembly
  • less labour and less construction material waste
  • easily applied to curved or irregular shaped surfaces
  • completely covers areas that could otherwise permit energy-draining thermal bridges



Icynene spray foam insulation in continuous insulation applications is a total high-performance wall assembly solution that enhances any architectural design.