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Energy-efficient home insulation

Confidently meet today’s building code requirements while delivering an energy-efficient home with Icynene spray foam insulation. Make your homes stand out with a quality home insulation solution that performs consistently throughout the seasons without compromising on comfort, performance and efficiency. Plus, still fit into your construction budget!

Build an energy-efficient home with home insulation that works. Proudly Canadian since 1986, Icynene spray foam insulation is backed by industry-leading engineering and technical support and has been tested and evaluated by Canada’s key building industry associations, including the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).

Discover how Icynene spray foam insulation can add value to your energy-efficient home designs.


By providing a continuous air seal, spray foam insulation can limit air leakage which can account for up to 40% of a building’s energy loss.

Build new or retrofit more energy efficient homes

Energy efficiency is just one of the many ways Icynene spray foam insulation can help Canadian architects bring design flexibility and sustainability together.





Go beyond your client’s expectations with an energy-efficient home that delivers on performance, functionality and comfort year-round. Residential insulation such as Icynene spray foam insulation helps you differentiate your homes in many ways, including:

  • optimal energy performance and energy efficiency score
  • comfort and improved indoor air quality, regardless of season
  • quieter spaces to live, work and play
  • lower heating and cooling bills each month.

Discover how Icynene spray foam insulation can add value to your energy-efficient home designs.

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