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Spray foam frequently asked questions – Applications

Depending on the application or area of the home being insulated, here are some spray foam frequently asked questions answered by Icynene’s Engineering team.

If you have a specific question, contact the Icynene Engineering team at 1-800-758-7325 or email

Do I need a thermal barrier?

In an occupied space, you need a thermal barrier adjacent to either low-density or medium-density foam. This could be gypsum board or another prescriptive thermal barrier, or a spray-on barrier if allowed by code. If the adjacent space is concealed, you don't need a thermal barrier.

What R-value do I need?

This depends on your provincial code prescriptive requirements. Other options for code compliance could include performance compliance where simulated energy usage is calculated for meeting the technical requirements of an energy efficiency housing program (e.g. Energy Star for New Homes).