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MD-C-200 - Overview

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MD-C-200 - Overview

Closed-cell spray foam insulation for residential construction

Icynene MD-C-200v2 closed-cell spray foam insulation allows Canadian builders to push the limits of design while meeting or exceeding local building code requirements for residential construction. With one formulation for all seasons and cold climate application performance, MD-C-200v2 performs well in Canadian climates from coast to coast to coast.

Key product features

  • LTTR: 1.934 m2 K/W (R-11 @ 2”)
  • Conforms to CAN/ULC-S705.1
  • Acts as a vapour barrier; water vapour permeance is 56ng/Pa.s.m2 at 50 mm (0.98 Perms @ 2.0”)
  • Acts as an air barrier; air permeance is 0.0006 L/s.m2 @
  • 75 Pa for 50 mm thickness
  • Core density: 35.2 kg/m³ (2.2 lb/ft³)
  • Compressive strength of 259 kPa (38 PSI) allows for underslab and below-grade applications
  • Zero ozone depleting
  • Contains recycled content
  • Can reject bulk water
  • CCMC #13593-L