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Ventilation Options with Spray Foam Insulation

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Whether you are building new homes or renovating existing ones, insulation upgrades will provide an improvement to the air tightness of the structure. You can explore modern ventilation options using spray foam insulation to go beyond the national standard. In many cases, the house air-change rate will need to be augmented using mechanical ventilation which is a requirement of the National Building Code for new houses since 1990.

Air Tight Homes

For renovations, ventilation options using spray foam insulation typically show an improvement due to the home becoming air-tight.  Canadian standards as defined by ASHRAE Standard 62, Canadian Standards Association Standard ( CAN/CSA –F236) and the National Building Code of Canada have all established recommended levels of air exchange. They recommend  an air exchange rate of 0.3 air changes per hour. The air-tightness of a home is increased significantly with the addition of spray foam insulation so it is necessary to consider mechanical ventilation in the construction or renovation of any home in Canada.