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Icynene building science and insulation support

Icynene’s Engineering team works in collaboration with Canadian home builders to provide essential building science and spray foam insulation support. Furthermore, home builders can take advantage of the comprehensive marketing support programs and co-branded promotional materials offered by Icynene to help your clients understand the immediate and long-term benefits of Icynene foam insulation.

From building science support to building code support, Icynene’s team of engineering experts can work with your home designs to maximize the home’s performance and efficiency through spray foam.

Incentives for insulation support

Icynene can help Canadian residential builders identify provincial, federal or local rebate and incentive programs as well as cost offsets so that spray foam insulation can be included into their builds while remaining within their set construction budget.

Need building science or building industry support? Access Icynene’s Architect Resource Binder. Contact Icynene at 1-800-758-7325. .