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Sustainable Building

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Energy-efficient home spray foam insulation

Energy efficiency is just one of the many ways in which Icynene home spray foam insulation can help Canadian builders bring design flexibility and sustainability together. Insulating and protecting against air leakage with Icynene means that homeowners can reduce carbon emissions and save on heating and cooling costs.

Home spray foam insulation like Icynene can pay dividends year over year thanks to optimized and properly right-sized HVAC equipment.

Building an energy-efficient home

The dual functionality of thermal insulation and air sealing in Icynene spray foam insulation in an energy-efficient home design means that fewer building materials are required. Plus, Icynene home spray foam insulation can help shorten construction schedules thanks to quick application and a reduction in building materials. Icynene works for the life of the building, eliminating the need for replacement or additional materials and waste.