Why Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Wear Protective Clothing


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Protective Clothing

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Don't be alarmed when your licensed Icynene spray foam insulation installer appears in what looks to be a ‘hazmat’ suit. Just like car spray painters, your licensed Icynene spray foam contractor wears a protective:

  • Tyvek suit
  • Gloves
  • Air mask

These items protect their regular clothing and skin. The protective clothing ensures the health and safety of our licensed spray foam contractors, which is as equally important as the health and safety of our customers. Each licensed Icynene spray foam contractor must wear personal protective clothing and gear to ensure they are protected during the application of spray foam.

Personal protective clothing and gear ensures that the spray foam applicator:

  • Does not inhale vapors and particulates
  • Is protected against skin contact with raw materials
  • Has a measure of safety around high-pressure spray equipment.

During Spray Foam Application and Once Spraying is Complete

Icynene installation protocols require that any occupants of the building that is being insulated  stay away from the premises during  the application and for a certain amount of time afterwards  to allow for proper ventilation. These are all safety measures similar to those recommended for activities like spray painting, grinding, or anything elsewhere that creates spray vapours and/or dust particles.

Learn more about our commitment to health and safety here.