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Why You Need a Trained Spray Foam Contractor

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Why you should use licensed & trained contractors

You may not realize that a highly technical product like quality spray foam insulation should have a licensed and trained contractor to install it professionally in your home. If you’ve done some research on spray foam, you may have come across news stories associated with un-qualified spray foam installers, creating problems such as making a home unlivable. Un-qualified contractors could produce poor results that:

  • do not meet local energy codes
  • do not perform as expected
  • cause ongoing maintenance issues

Unqualified contractors can end up tarnishing not just the reputation of the product itself, but of the entire spray foam industry. Icynene, a recognized quality spray foam manufacturer in the industry, has created a rigorous training and licensing program that all contractors using our products must undergo.

Icynene is a strong proponent of quality licensed and trained contractors, and we maintain a limited and select network of spray foam home insulation contractors. By choosing an Icynene installer, you can avoid a spray foam insulation nightmare and get back to enjoying the benefits that spray foam offers.