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How Much Does Spray Foam Cost?

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You may be asking yourself, “How much is spray foam insulation, and can I actually afford it?” While the upfront cost of spray foam insulation is higher than traditional insulation, there are other factors to consider. When you look at the variables that influence the price, and contrast them with the potential for immediate savings on monthly heating and cooling bills, the cost of spray foam insulation is clearly a wise investment. In fact, often homeowners see a pay-back after the first three to four years. Thanks to lowered heating and cooling costs each month, homeowners can start to see savings immediately after they’ve had Icynene spray foam insulation installed.

Factors That Affect Spray Foam Insulation Cost

There are numerous factors affecting the total cost of installing spray foam insulation, including the following variables:

  • locations in your house that you plan to insulate – for instance, are you insulating your whole house or certain areas such as the attic?
  • the quantity required to meet local building codes
  • Labour costs
  • Type of insulation (open or closed cell)
  • Ambient and substrate temperatures
  • Your geographic region and climate

Icynene i foam insulation is able to expand up to 100 times its size to fill cracks and gaps, for a complete and effective air seal in your home. This expansion can eliminate the need to seal and caulk as well, something you would typically have to do with a traditional insulation material, in order to achieve an air seal.

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