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Insulation R-Values and Air-Sealing

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Insulation R-Value and Thermal Resistance


When speaking with your builder or general contractor, you may hear the terms R-Value and thermal resistance being used.

R-Value is a measure of how well a given insulation is able to resist heat flow passing through it. (It’s important to note that this measurement doesn’t account for whether the insulation material can stop heat flow that is carried in the air.)

Simply adding more traditional insulation materials will not necessarily lead to improved comfort or air sealing, and it’s possible you’ll continue to get higher-than-normal monthly heating and cooling bills. Given that traditional insulation materials offer only thermal resistance, it’s important to consider an insulation and air barrier material.

Air Sealing Your Home

Not only does air sealing your home help to reduce your heating and cooling bills, it can help to reduce the large amounts of air leaking out of your home daily. Without a proper insulation and air barrier material in your home, you could be losing enough air to fill two blimps, every day! Traditional insulation materials cannot air seal your home, but spray foam insulation like Icynene can create a comfortable home.

Icynene spray foam insulation can provide your home with high-performance, building code-compliant thermal resistance in addition to air sealing, which will maximize your family’s comfort year round.