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Poor Attic Insulation Leaks Money

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No matter where you are in Canada, Icynene spray foam can convert your attic/roof space into a conditioned or unconditioned space, depending on your needs. Without adequate home insulation in the attic or roof, your home can run into these 3 problems:

  • HVAC inefficiency
  • Moisture build-up
  • Air leakage, via ducts, resulting in up to 30% of associated energy loss

Because traditional insulation alone does not provide an air seal, warm air from inside your home can escape through the ceiling and into the attic. Air on the lower levels of your home is replaced by air drawn from outside. This is known as “stack effect”.

Another problem that can occur is ice dam formation. Warm, moist air from inside your home escapes, coming into contact with the cold roof during the winter, resulting in a sometimes dangerous build-up of ice. The warm air escaping your home causes snow on the roof to melt, re-freezing on the eavestrough causing a build-up of ice and icicles.

Icynene is an energy efficient foam insulation that can help you avoid these kinds of prob-lems in your home. The possibility of ice dam formation is reduced, while avoiding energy loss and ensuring the indoor temperature is comfortable for the whole family.