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Icynene spray foam insulation is more than just a home insulation and air barrier material, it’s something that can help make your house a comfortable home. Icynene spray foam works in many different ways to help create a more comfortable home, such as:

Sound Dampening

Icynene open cell spray foam insulation can contribute to a reduction of airborne noise, as well as flanking noise, due in part to its  natural sound absorbing qualities. Icynene open cell spray foam  can help muffle sounds both within your home (think plumbing runs or home theatres) and from outside your home as well.

Moisture Control

Icynene home insulation expands to more than 100 times its original size, within seconds of being applied. This helps Icynene fill any cracks or gaps that may be there, creating an effective air barrier that reduces the risk of moisture problems related to condensation buildup. Not to mention, the material is not considered a food source for mould.

Fewer Drafts & Cold Spots

Icynene fills gaps and cracks and helps reduce air loss, lowering the chance of drafts or cold spots throughout your home. In addition, your furnace or air conditioner can function more efficiently, contributing to a more comfortable home.

Indoor Air Quality

An interesting fact to ponder: Canadians spend roughly 90% of their time indoors. Icynene spray foam insulation can help minimize the entrance of allergens and pollutants into the home wherever it is applied, thanks to its air sealing properties.

Not a Food Source for Pests

Icynene spray foam insulation is not considered a food source for any type of pest.