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Spray Foam Insulation Types

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Choosing the right spray foam for your home insulation

If you’re not sure which type of spray foam is right for your home insulation project, your lo-cal licensed Icynene contractor can give you guidance by assessing your needs and explain-ing the different types available. Whether it’s rigid closed cell spray foam or flexible open cell spray foam, there’s a spray foam insulation that’s right for your unique designs or building code.

Some of the basic differences between the two types of spray foam that Icynene manufac-tures can be seen below.

Closed cell foam Open cell foam
  • rigid spray foam
  • performs well in flood-prone regions such as the Prairies, rejecting bulk water intru-sion both interior and exterior applications
  • soft and flexible foam
  • consistently outperforms traditional insulation materials, due to its ability to provide effective thermal insulation and air sealing
  • reduces airborne sound transmission
  • vapour permeable
Download the Closed Cell Information Download Open Cell Information