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How to Install Insulation in your Attic

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How to Install Insulation in your Attic

Unless you’re a budding DIY-er, as a homeowner, you aren’t necessarily expected to know how to install insulation in your attic. Experienced and professional insulation contractors have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the installation process of attic insulation.  If you want to be confident in ensuring the job is done properly and accurately, then an Icynene licensed contractor is the best choice for installing insulation in your attic.  A licensed spray foam contractor will explain every step of the process so you can fully understand how the installation of your attic insulation will occur. Due to the extensive training all Icynene spray foam applicators must go through, you can be confident your insulation installation will be done properly and accurately.

Unsure of where to start or how to install insulation in your attic?  You can start by searching for your nearest licensed spray foam contractor on  When sourcing a spray foam contractor, speak to the best spray foam insulation contractors in your area to find out more about them and how they plan to install insulation in your attic. Asking questions about the products and the process is important to ensuring you are confident that you have made the right choice for your home.

Icynene spray foam insulation expands over 100 times its original size, allowing it to fill all cracks and crevices where it is applied.  The rapid expansion of Icynene spray foam provides an air barrier as well as it insulates your attic, allowing you to save on your heating and cooling bills while also limiting air leakage. It’s simple to begin. Enter your local zip code or postal code and have a contractor’s contact information at your fingertips, putting you one step closer to a more energy efficient and comfortable home. Talk to a licensed Icynene dealer in your area, to find out more information about how to install insulation in your attic. 

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