Spray Foam DIY: Should you do it yourself?


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Spray Foam Insulation: Should You Do It Yourself?

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Spray Foam Insulation: Should You Do It Yourself?

So you’ve decided to upgrade your home with spray foam insulation. Congratulations! You are making a decision that will help create a more comfortable, energy efficient home for you and your family. You may still be deciding whether to hire a licensed contractor or do it yourself.

Did you know that when you choose to work with a licensed spray foam insulation contractor, such as an Icynene contractor, you may actually save money as well as avoid potential spray foam insulation DIY headaches, in the long term?

By hiring a licensed Icynene contractor, you can prevent a spray foam insulation nightmare from happening. Icynene has a rigorous training and licensing program in place, and that means that any contractor working under the Icynene name has a comprehensive knowledge of the entire installation process as well as the products.

Icynene spray foam contractors use the most modern spray foam application technology and equipment. This helps to maintain worker safety, your safety and prevent off-ratio applications, which is what can happen when spray foam insulation is not properly installed. An off-ratio application of spray foam insulation could result in a lower quality, less effective insulation. This can cost more money, due to higher energy bills and the potential need to remove and re-install the insulation.

Why try to do it yourself, when there is a safer way? A licensed Icynene spray foam installer will ensure that the product is applied properly and as specified, so you won’t  have to worry about how to stop a spray foam insulation nightmare from happening in your home.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more.

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