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Why Icynene can help address condensation issues

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Why Icynene can help address condensation issues

Did you know that it’s not just homeowners who are fans of Icynene spray foam insulation? Recently, Love It or List It Vancouver has taking advantage of the performance advantages that Icynene spray foam offers for some of their projects, for a variety of reasons. 

In an episode that aired on October 31, 2016, a home renovation was taking place that involved converting a hot tub and laundry area to a number of different types of living spaces. It quickly turned into a nightmare for the owners, however. Initially, they had expected to remove the hot tub and knock out a few walls in order to complete the renovation, but once the contractors began removing the drywall and tiling, it became evident that this was going to be an entirely different project. The room which housed the hot tub had not been properly ventilated, resulting in a buildup of moisture-laden air which had led to substantial degradation of key structural elements.

The long and the short of it: the room’s structure was essentially rotted through, to the point where it was structurally unsound.

The look of horror on this poor couple’s face, when they found out what those walls had been hiding since they had purchased the house years ago, was pure shock. Is it possible you live in a similar situation, and don’t even know it?

Love It or List It Vancouver approached spray foam company Four Seasons, a licensed Icynene contractor, to install Icynene spray foam insulation in the newly-rebuilt and converted mudroom, office, and laundry area. This would help to address the problem of moisture build up in these spaces as well as add value to the home.

Dealing With Moisture In Your Home

When co-host Jillian Harris and her contractors put sought to address the condensation problem properly, they selected an option that everyone should consider, when given the opportunity. Icynene spray foam insulation is an ideal insulation for areas of your home that encounter a higher moisture level for many reasons. 

First of all, using spray foam insulation such as Icynene, to seal the room of any small cracks or holes, can aid in controlling and managing moisture movement. The Energy and Environmental Building Association has proven that a single hole as small as one square inch in your home’s wall or ceiling can let in as much as 30 quarts of water, via the air movement through that one spot. Imagine how much moisture-laden air was travelling into the building’s structure, through the tiny gaps and holes that were likely present in that hot tub room!

Additionally, Icynene insulation’s open cell foam allows for any water to drain through, and therefore it is able to dry quicker. It also allows for homeowners to easily and quickly identify any water leaks and address them as soon as possible. This is unlike traditional insulation materials, which can often become damp or waterlogged with flooding or excessive moisture build-up, as was likely the case of the show’s featured home.. 

Choosing The Right Contractor

As mentioned earlier, the Love It or List It team decided to go with Four Seasons Insulation, a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor. Did you know that only contractors who have gone through a comprehensive training and certification program are allowed to purchase and install Icynene products? Not all home insulation companies are created equal, and if you’re unsure of a contractor’s certifications, chances are, you may not be working with someone as exhaustively trained. It pays to check and double-check.

What does it mean for Icynene’s contractors to be licensed? It means having the assurance that your contractor is using up-to-date equipment and materials, and is fully trained on the proper installation of sprayed foam. In order to maintain worker safety, as well as preventing off-ratio applications, Icynene installation contractors use the most modern spray foam technology and equipment.

Having a licensed Icynene contractor also means that safety and proper application are both top priorities. Icynene installers use specially calibrated machines which are designed to apply the product exactly as specified, in the correct ratio, to reduce the risk of spray foam insulation problems from occurring.

An Investment In Your Home

When chosing to insulate the rebuilt and redesigned area of their Vancouver home, the homeowner knew it was an investment that was going to pay off, in terms of resale value. Not only will these parts of their home be more comfortable, thanks to a decrease in moisture buildup, but that office space and bedroom will be quieter, thanks to a reduction in airborne sound transmission, something which Icynene is also able to help with.

Overall, the renovations these homeowners paid for raised the resale value of their home by $300,000, and this was only with a single area of their home with Icynene installed. 

Find a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to discover more reasons to choose Icynene.

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