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Applications of spray foam on commercial building roofs

According to the NBCC, Section, unoccupied attic or roof spaces shall be ventilated by natural or mechanical means. Ventilated cathedral ceilings meet this requirement. Unventilated cathedral ceiling construction requires approval by the local building code authority.

When compared to traditional air permeable systems, spray foam applied on the underside of commercial building roofs allows for a noticeable reduction in condensation accumulation. Warm indoor air can hold a large amount of moisture and can generate serious problems if allowed to make contact with cold roof surfaces. Icynene spray foam insulation inhibits the movement of humid indoor air up to the underside of the roof system, helping to prevent condensation forming.

Spray foam applied as part of a ventilated or unventilated cathedral ceiling:

  • maintains form over the long term
  • adheres to commonly used substrates
  • easily insulates penetrations and unusual roof shapes such as domes, arches and barrels