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Spray Foam Portfolio for Commercial Buildings

Icynene’s portfolio of closed-cell medium-density and open-cell low-density commercial foam insulation products are specially formulated to meet the design, energy efficiency and code standards of the Canadian market. All of our commercial foam insulation products, which perform for the life of the building, allow you to meet your design goals with confidence.

Icynene’s continuous closed-cell medium-density foam insulation is suited for use in both exterior and interior applications. Icynene’s open-cell low-density foam insulation products are best used in interior applications. Medium-density and low-density spray foam insulation can be used effectively in numerous buildings types, including healthcare, military, educational, commercial, retail and more. Icynene’s Building Science and Engineering experts can work with you to determine the best commercial insulation product for the Canadian environment for your design.

Closed-Cell (Medium Density)

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Icynene ProSeal

Icynene ProSeal is a high-performance, low-VOC closed-cell spray foam insulation product that sets a new benchmark in excellence.

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Icynene MD-C-200v2

Icynene MD-C-200 closed-cell spray foam insulation allows builders to push the limits of design while meeting or exceeding local building code requirements.

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Open-Cell (Low Density)


Icynene Classic

Icynene Classic is a high-performance open-cell spray foam insulation product ideal for use in residential interior applications.

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Classic Plus

High R-Value Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

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