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Icynene ProSeal LE closed-cell sprayed foam insulation offers the opportunity to achieve R-31 in minutes and save on valuable labour costs*! An initial pass of Icynene ProSeal LE can be sprayed in of 2”/2”/1” lifts to achieve R-31.


Featuring an LTTR of 2.02 (m²·K)/W (R-12 at 2”), Icynene ProSeal LE offers the opportunity to increase jobsite efficiency, reduce wait times between passes while also contributing to reduced labour costs. This high-performance, low exotherm spray foam insulation product
allows for application in temperatures as low as -5°C.

Product Features

  • Initial LTTR: 2.4 (m²·K)/W at 50mm (R14 at 2”)
  • LTTR: 2.02 m2 K/W (Type 2) (R-12 @ 2”)
  • Low exotherm minimizes heat developed in the core of the foam
  • Core density: 38.2 kg/m³ (2.4 lb/ft³)
  • Acts as an air barrier material; air permeance is 0.0005 L/s.m² at 35 mm (1.37”)
  • Conforms to CAN/ULC standards
  • Can be sprayed year round - even at cold temperatures as low as -5oC
  • Holds GREENGUARD GOLD certification