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Spray Foam Insulation-Canadian Commercial Buildings

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Using Spray Foam Insulation In Energy Efficient Designs

Confidently meet today’s building code in your commercial architecture designs with high-performance spray foam insulation specially formulated for the Canadian building industry. Proudly Canadian since 1986, Icynene’s portfolio of closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation solutions help to:

  • Meet Canadian building codes confidently including NBC 2010 and NECB 2011
  • Deliver on schedule
  • Deliver on budget
  • Deliver energy-efficient commercial architecture designs

Icynene spray foam insulation is backed by industry-leading engineering and technical support and has been tested and evaluated by Canada’s key building industry associations, including the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).

Still specifying XPS rigid board in your
commercial designs?
Icynene ProSeal™ and ProSeal Eco™ closed-cell spray foams are medium density continuous insulation solutions that outperform rigid board on every level. From cost, to performance, to design capabilities, they are the superior choice.







Find a commercial contractor today Icynene works closely with architects and architectural design firms to ensure the right spray foam product is used in the right application within a commercial design project. We can:

  • Deliver technical support to engineering and codes
  • Provide design details
  • Put you in touch with a licensed Icynene Contractor specializing in Commercial projects
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