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Ensure Your Spray Foam Insulation Contractor is Properly Trained & Licensed

In order for an Icynene spray foam insulation contractor to earn a license to install our quality spray foam insulation products, they must first complete thorough training and pass a practical test.

Intertek is our  third party Quality Assurance Provider here in Canada. They certify our training and evaluation process to ensure that our Icynene spray foam insulation contractors have the necessary knowledge and understanding for accurate and successful installations.

As well, the Icynene team supports each of our licensed contractors, providing advice on best practices, installing quality spray foam insulation in unusual situations, technical support, code requirements, and more. 

The only way a spray foam insulation contractor can be licensed by Icynene to install our products is to successfully complete our comprehensive training and evaluation.

Our Commitment to Quality

Icynene is highly regarded within the spray foam insulation industry for our commitment to quality spray foam insulation and its application, and our sprayer training program has also garnered a great deal of respect in the industry. This is the sort of unparalleled support that should offer you peace of mind, knowing that the investment you’ve made for your home is an investment with the highest quality spray foam insulation that’s available on the market today.